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The Travelers Aid with Personal Hygiene



Introducing the Travelers Aid 73-Piece Personal Hygiene and First Aid Kit – your all-in-one companion for peace of mind on the go!


Stay Prepared:

  • Our stylish "Smart Bag" keeps it all together, ensuring you're always ready for life's unexpected twists.


First Aid Essentials:

  • Get guidance from the AMA 35 Page First Aid Guide.
  • Deal with minor cuts and scrapes using 20 Single Plastic Bandages.
  • Plus, Fingertip and Knuckle Bandages for those tricky spots.
  • Eye Pads for eye injuries.
  • Stay protected with 4 Non-Aspirin tablets.
  • Cleanse wounds with 4 Alcohol Wipes.
  • Soothe burns with 2 Burn-Free packs.
  • Guard against the sun with an SPF 30 Wipe.
  • Find relief from insect stings.
  • Stay well-groomed with a Plastic Razor.
  • Maintain oral hygiene with a Toothbrush and Toothpaste.
  • Never be caught without toilet paper.
  • Tame your hair with a Comb.
  • Keep hands clean with a 2oz Hand Sanitizer.
  • Stay fresh with 0.5oz Deodorant.
  • Handle unexpected situations with a Maxipad.
  • Freshen up with 2 Anti-Bacterial Bar Soaps.
  • Clean your hands with 2 packs of Wet Naps (3 in each).
  • Take a refreshing shower with Shower in a Bag (8-pack).
  • Soft Pocket Tissues.
  • Check yourself out with a Camp Mirror.
  • Remove splinters and more with Tweezers.
  • Illuminate dark corners with a Doctor's Penlight.
  • Versatile 5'' Scissors.
  • Stay warm and protected with a Mayday Large Solar Blanket.
  • Ensure bandages stick with 2 rolls of Waterproof Tape.
  • Sterile Gauze Pads in 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 sizes for various injuries.


With the Travelers Aid 73-Piece Kit, you're geared up for adventures and emergencies, all in one sleek package. Stay ready and stay safe wherever your journey takes you!


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